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Women in leadership (THRIVE)

8 months

The Thrive Coaching engagement process, supports the women leaders heighten their skills related to the four pillars of effective leadership presence. This entails two approaches (Inside out and Outside In) in a four stage process to build strategies to navigate through the organizational, interpersonal, and individual challenges and barriers to career advancement.

Women, in general, have special leadership attributes: their ability to empathise, their sense of openness, and the agility to thrive in times of uncertainty. These unique attributes can be significant assets in corporate leadership. Our unique coaching process helps women leaders accentuate and display their special leadership attributes, and in the process develop the self-confidence to reach for, attain and thrive at the highest echelons of the corporate world.

The Thrive program works as a stand-alone model and/or in parallel with the individual organization’s talent program. The elements of the Thrive coaching process are skills to be learned, strategies to be applied and as ‘Assets’ to be used to overcome the traditional barriers of female advancement


Investment performance coaching

9-12 months

Our coaching draws on principles of positive psychology, triple loop learning and reflective thinking to evoke awareness of the unconscious choices amidst uncertainity. This method uses disciplined questioning to test the underlying investment process of the risk taker, uncover assumptions and aid clarity; in the process aligning the rational and emotional elements of the decision making process.

The Baobab Investment Performance Coaching Process will help build self-awareness and help clarify goals and set accountability structures  – thus unlocking your Behavioral Alpha.

The program is proven to be valuable to individuals and teams who would benefit from improved capability as risk takers. This includes:

  • Early career investment professionals who have shown potential and need support to progress to the next level

  • Portfolio managers who want to raise awareness around their own patterns of behaviour and enhance disciplined probabilistic decision making

  • Leaders of Asset Management Organizations looking to stay ahead and adapt in a constantly evolving game

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