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Our Approach

We offer both 1-on-1executive coaching and Team coaching for our clients.

Our coaching process starts with working with the leader / team and using assessments to select a couple of high value areas of growth that are important to the leader and the organization. Subsequently relevant stakeholders are selected to support the development journey

The process then moves forward to the Grow phase which is a highly time effective 7 step Monthly FeedForward Cycle.

The final phase is Measuring Leadership Growth by answering the question, “How much more effective has the leader / team become in the eyes of the stakeholders.”

Coaching for Leaders

Aspire (1st session)

Focus (2nd session)

Commit (3rd session)

Grow (4-16 sessions)

Coaching for Teams

Team Workshop (1-2 days)


Action Planning and Coaching (monthly)


Measuring Leadership Growth (Quarterly)

We implement the Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centred Coaching Process in our corporate engagements.

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