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Customised Coaching Programs

Our coaching is customised to each engagement and designed to produce measurable results.


Our clients engage us in some of the following areas:

Women in leadership


Baobab Authentic Reflection Coaching Method supports women in leadership to build strategies to navigate through the organizational, interpersonal, and individual challenge and barriers to support women’s advancement


Investment decision making


Our Team coaching process helps build awareness around values, beliefs, emotions, biases and their gyrations over time, helping clarify goals and set accountability structures to improve quality of inputs in any investment process and support decision making.


Executive career management

We partner with our clients to raise self-awareness and help clarify the really important choices, and in the process reframe their identity and reimagine their career to enable them to leave a lasting impact on those around

Leaders in Non-Government Organizations

Team Workshop (1-2 days)


Action Planning and Coaching (monthly)


Measuring Leadership Growth (Quarterly)

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